Bonzi Buddy is the main protagonist and the leader of the Wonder Pets and Dong Expanders. We all must obey him everyday.

Character Acts Edit

Bonzi does not move. He just stands on the screen. He can give people e-mails that waste space on them, and he could take them to websites with viruses at every corner. He is also able to turn people into bananas since he needs bananas to stay full.

Moveset Edit

  • P:Vandalization
  • M:Emails

Special Moveset Edit

  • D+O+N+G: Let's not talk about this one.
  • E+M+A+I+L: Fills up the whole screen with e-mails.

Final Smash Edit




Bonzi Buddy was originally a program made to annoy just about anyone. He linked people to random websites and gave em' lovey dovey E-Mails. One day, he was removed from the Internet when Joel killed his Computer. He was later brought back to battle others for no reason.

Teaming UpEdit

Bonzi had no idea of what was going on so he just sat there with his sunglasses, and drank a banana smoothie next to the Wonder Pets' school. He saw a little bird and he said "Hello little bird.", but that was no ordinary bird! That was Margalo trying to destroy that school! He saw Eon Kid blowing the entire thing up and he got angry. Before The Little Panda Fighter was able to fully demolish it with his mega fart, he threw his banana smoothie at the school, which extinguished the fire. He sacrificed his lovely smoothie to save the Wonder Pets. Linny came by and saw Bonzi Buddy, as he stopped the entire fire. She was surprised that Bonzi has stopped a deadly fire that was caused by pure evil. Linny made Bonzi an official part of the Wonder Pets.

More will come soon!


  • Telling jokes
  • Singing "g na bat tuh lee, nie" (Geena Battaline)

Trivia Edit

Konkey Dong Crew
Konkey Dong/Expand Dong/Kiddy Dong/Bonzi Buddy

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