Pingu stars as a boss battle in "Beat up the people who you love" mode. You could unlock him by playing as his mother.

Boss acts Edit

Pingu usually says "Nug! Nug!" and uses his beak as a weapon. His special attack is rolling up into a ball and hitting everybody.

How to unlock Edit


The way to unlock Pingu.

You have to play as Pingu's mother. First of all, you need to use the Konami code twice, tell the secret recipe to the Krabby Patty Formula aloud, and then sing "Big Baby Buns", in order to spank him.

Breadwinners-Big Baby Buns00:57

Breadwinners-Big Baby Buns

You will need to sing the lyrics to this song.

Final Smash Edit



Pingu's final smash is summoning ice sculptures that look like monsters. They will scare everybody, and then kill them.

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